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AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts 
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myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

This is a thread Created to post the Tips, Preparation Strategies for the AIEEE Aspirants from the Experts for the Aspirants.. and here are the AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts

Fri May 28, 2010 5:26 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Here are the Tips and Strategies to be followed during the preparation of AIEEE in the last week, Analysis of the Previous papers subject wise, weightages and many more :

After IITs, National institute of Technologies are the second choice for every serious aspirant. And the rate at which NIT’s are progressing, that day is not far off when , NIT’s would be comparable to IIT’s. In such situation you can’t afford to take AIEEE preparation lightly. These Tips will be helpful.

Tips for AIEEE 2010 Aspirants

Understanding the Basic Concepts is the only way for achieving success in any entrance exam. Here are the preparation tips, Important Topics, Topics to be Reviewed and some other words regarding the AIEEE 2010 Exam. These Will be Helpful :

AIEEE Physics Paper Analysis for 2010 Aspirants

AIEEE Chemistry Paper Analysis for 2010 Aspirants

AIEEE Mathematics Paper Analysis for 2010 Aspirants

Know About the Blueprint for aieee

Here are the Topper Pratik Poddar Suggested Books ...

Here are the The Strategies to be followed By AIEEE Aspirants,..

Know about the Tips & Tricks to be Played at AIEEE 2010

How To Attempt a Paper to Score More Marks In AIEEE.

Here are the Last Stage Tips for AIEEE Aspirants

Are u preparing for AIEEE and U have the confidence to get the Rank Below 2000 and get a seat in NITs then U may have the opportunity to win 35,000 of NITs Merit Award to AIEEE – 2010 Rankers

Here are the Useful Formula and topics to have a quick review for the AIEEE Aspirants.

Mathematics : ... x3wqjk.jpg

Physics : ... 1h85dt.jpg

Chemistry : ... t7h5w2.jpg

Mon May 31, 2010 2:08 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts

Hello Friends,..

Here are the AIEEE Chemistry Guidance and Analysis :

In all M.P.C related competitive exams like IIT JEE, AIEEE, EAMCET chemistry plays very important role in getting better rank. Because the questions in chemistry can be answered in less time and is bit easy when compared to Maths and Physics . But now a days students through out the nation are feeling toughness with chemistry not because of its conceptual toughness but of its voluminous. In general we can say that those “who gets better rank In AIEEE are those who does well in chemistry “

2009 AIEEE Chemistry Area wise Allocation


Analysis of AIEEE 2007, 2008 and 2009 papers

Out of 30 questions given in AIEEE 2009, 15 questions are moderate (50%), 12 questions are very easy (40%) and the remaining 3 questions are difficult (10%). In this circumstances to get a good score in chemistry and to make it simpler, a scientific approach is needed towards its preparation. i.e,. different strategies are to be adopted to study different branches of chemistry, i.e,. Physical , Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

2009 AIEEE Chemistry Difficulty wise Analysis


Physical Chemistry

• It is a conceptual based branch of chemistry. Hence spend enough time in understanding concepts
• Practice good number of numerical involving usage of different formulae’s.
• Prepare formulae profile and go through it regularly
• Generally students feel comfortable in solving questions pertaining to physical chemistry because the things to be remembered in it are very few.

2009 AIEEE Chemistry weightage of marks

The Concepts from which questions will be asked frequently from Physical Chemistry :

Solubility, Product, Collogative Properties, Molar Conductivties, Buffer Solutions, Equilibrium Constant related problems, Bohr’s theory applications, Heisenberg’s principle, deBroglie’s wavelengths, Gibbs Helm holtz equation, Nernst equation, Faraday’s Laws, Solid State (Lattice Positions, holes, density, crystal defects), Order determination, Gold number, Equivalent weight determination, Daltons law of partial pressures, Grahm’s law of diffusion, Vander waal’s equations. Types of Velocities, Hess’s law, Thermo chemical calculations.etc.,

Organic Chemistry.

• It is the most volatile branch of chemistry but at the same time it is easy and very important in view of time saving in exams
• Treat Organic Chemistry just like Maths,. Ie,. Read and Write
• Practice it in the form of sequence of reactions, flow charts and inter conversions consisting of preparatory methods and properties of several compounds.
• After making inter conversion charts, go through them frequently, so that u can retain and recollect at the faster rate.

The topics from which questions will be asked frequently are :

Stability and reactivity orders of carbonium, Carbanion, Free radicals, Inductive, Mesomeric effect, Stereo isomerism, Nomenclature, Named reactions, Mechanisms, Acids and Factors affecting it, Basic strength of amines and factors affecting it and Diazonimum salt reactions, Electrophilic substitution recations of benzene and Benzenoids, Preparatory methods and properties of Organic Compounds.

Inorganic Chemistry.

• Most of the students will face difficulty with inorganic chemistry because they need to remember and byheart so many points and which they forget very easily
• Inorganic chemistry can be made interesting with some scientific approach towards its study ie,. Compare the general properties of elements of all groups. Most of the properties are common in all groups with some exceptions.
• Make a tabular forms consisting of preparatory methods of elements and compounds, electrodes and electrolytes used and electrodic reactions

In organic chemistry is not only difficult for you but is also difficult to all the students. Difficulty is not because of toughness, but because of vastness. Instead of thinking that I am forgetting, better think that why I will forget and do work hard accordingly.

The topics from which questions will be asked frequently in inorganic chemistry are :

Molecular Orbital theory, Dipole moment, Types of bonds, Gold number Calculations, Nomenclature and isomerism in Complexes, polymers (nylon,Bakelite, Synthetic Rubber, Valcanization), Diborane, Silicons, f-block elements, Hydrides, Group study, Practical Chemistry, Compound of Xenon, EAN, Periodic Properties, VA,VIA, VIIA group elements, preparatory methods and properties of Hydrogen peroxide, Hypo., etc.

Previous years AIEEE Chemistry Paper Analysis

Mon May 31, 2010 2:58 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

After IITs, National institute of Technologies are the second choice for every serious aspirant. And the rate at which NIT’s are progressing, that day is not far off when , NIT’s would be comparable to IIT’s. In such situation you can’t afford to take AIEEE preparation lightly.

Last year students had it quite an easy AIEEE paper in maths. The format of the single paper test was retained. The number of questions was reduced per section to 30 from 35 last year. This made the paper of 90 questions to attempt in 3 hours. The marking scheme was changed this year. Each section of the paper was of 144 marks means a total of 432 marks. Out of 30 questions in each section 24 questions carried 4 marks with a negative marking and 6 questions of 8 marks with negative marking.

Trend of the Competition in AIEEE

Preparation Tips

• More emphasis should be given to additional AIEEE Topics
• Complete synopsis of all chapter should be revised one day before exam
• One week before AIEEE solving model papers will be useful
• Better to relax by watching T.V or spending time with your parents 12 hours before the Exam

AIEEE 2009 Rank and Marks Trend

Improving application Skills
For this, students first read the topic thoroughly and spend enough time in understanding it and then apply the concept in solving different types of the question. Application skills can be developed by applying concept to various types of questions. And also by thorough reading of problem.. they can able to understand whether problem needs application or not. Most of the questions given in AIEEE are moderate. In very few are tough questions. In this type of questions concept is very easy but application may be a bit difficult.

Memory Tips
Improving memory techniques definitely gives possible out come to the students. But to improve these memory techniques they should do good exercise. In case of organic chemistry related questions, as it is more volatile it requires many times of revision. Hence they are advised to prepare inter conversations consisting of preparatory methods and properties of almost all the compounds with in the syllabus. With this they can revise several times in less time. As the exam is going held soon, hope every student might complete their preparation and they are doing practice tests. Tanking more number of mock tests definitely increases the chances to get good ranks

• Last minute studies are not good
• Maintain good health by taking liquid, fruit juices along with food
• Avoid taking calculator, cell phones, log tables to the examination hall
• Try to reach the center one hour a head of time of the exam
• Don’t spend more time for one or two hard problems. Better to skip that type of problems
• Attempt 70 – 90 % of problems only perfectly depending on your ebility
• Sleep more time , on exam day students must be cool with out any unnecessary arguments so that mind will be fresh
• To increase the Self confidence attempt easy question first.

Mon May 31, 2010 2:59 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Are u preparing for any entrance exams and u are waiting for the tips and the strategies to be followed at the time of preparation, examination and lot more information like time management, How to crack the exams etc,.

How to prepare effectively for an exam

General test preparation Tips

Effective Exam Writing Tips

Tips for Reading Efficiently

Last Minute Exam Tips

Tips for Enhancing Your Memory

Time Management Techniques

How to prepare for Competitive Exams

Time Management is Success Manthra

The Art of Career Planning

Exam Related Stress in Students

Exam Fever - Prevention Tips

Get Rid of stress

Improve Concentration

A Study System

Students Study Plan

Career preparation and Planning

Mon May 31, 2010 3:00 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts In AIEEE 2010 Exam

• Go with Black Ball Point Pen
• Leave the question for which you are not very sure of the answer
• Generally 55% of the Question will be easy, simple and direct so search for these questions
• If you are aiming a rank below 100 you need to answer 85% of the Questions in the paper
• You can go for a guess in case if you are strongly decided that the answer is between two choices
• Some times you can tackle difficult questions by using dimensional analysis.
• Substitution method some times gives you the chance in identifying the answer
• As you have still enough time to prepare well and cover all the topics and concepts
• Data represented through graphs and followed by questions are very simple and direct, so give patient reading before you go for the next question

• Don’t mark the ovals with pencil
• Don’t waste more than 2 minutes on any question
• There will be 7% – 8% questions difficult. Don’t waste too much time on them better leave them
• Don’t get disturbed seeing difficult questions, leave them, as it is not going to matter much
• Wild guesses are dangerous.
• Don’t just leave anything without trying all possible alternatives
• Don’t blindly go for marking answers
• Don’t skip topics and concepts as there is every possibility to ask simple concept based questions.
• Don’t get shaky seeing the Questions related to the graphs

Mon May 31, 2010 3:00 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Here are the AIEEE Maths Topic wise preparation Tips..


In trigonometry, students usually find it difficult to memorize the vast number of formulae. Understand how to derive formulae and then apply them to solve problems. The more you practice, the more ingrained in your brain these formulae will be enabling you to recall them in any situation. Direct questions from trigonometry are usually less in number, but the use of trigonometric concepts in coordinate Geometry & calculus is very profuse.

Coordinate Geometry :

This section is usually considered easier than trigonometry. There are many common concepts and formulae (such as equations of tangent and normal of the curve) in conic sections(circle, parabola, ellipse, hyperbola). Pay attention to locus and related topics, as the understanding of these makes the coordinate geometry easy.

Calculus :

Calculus includes concept based problems which require analytical skills. Functions are the backbones of this section. Be thorough with the properties of all types of the functions, such as trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, and signum. Approximating sketches and graphical interpretations will help you solve problem faster. Practical application of derivatives is very vast area, but if you understand the basic concepts involved, it is very easy to score.


Don’t use formulae to solve problems in topics which are logic oriented, such as permutations and combinations, probability, location of roots of a quadratic equations, geometrical applications of complex numbers, vectors and 3D – Geometry

AIEEE 2009 Mathematics Section : Of all the three sections AIEEE 2009 paper, the mathematics section was the toughest. Questions were equally divided between the syllabus of class XI and XII. many candidates struggled with the calculus and coordinate Geometry portions and here is the complete Article : ... tion-tips/


Mon May 31, 2010 3:02 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Here are the AIEEE Mathematics Preparation Tips.

• Memorizing land mark problems(remembering standard formulae, concepts so that you can apply them directly) and being strong in mental calculations are essential, never use calculators during the exam preparation. Try to do first and second level of calculations mentally.

• You are going to appear for AIEEE this year, you must be very confident, don’t panic, it is not difficult and tough. You need to learn some special tips and tricks to solve the AIEEE questions to get the top rank

• Don’t try to take up new topics as they consume much time, you will also lose your confidence on the topics that you have already prepared.

• Don’t try to attempt 100% of the paper unless you are 100% confident, it is not necessary to attempt the entire question paper, don’t try if you are not sure and confident as there is negative marking. If you are confident about 60% of the question, that will be enough to get a good rank

• Never answer questions blindly. Be wise, preplanning is very important.

• There are mainly three difficulty levels, simple, tough and average. First try to finish all the simple questions to boost your confidence

• Don’t forget to solve question papers of previous years AIEEE before the examination. As you prepare for the board examination, you should also prepare and solve the last year question papers for AIEEE. You also need to set the 3 hours time for each and every previous year paper, it will help you to judge yourself, and this will let you know your week and strong areas.

• You need to cover your entire syllabus but don’t try to touch any new topics if the examination is close by

• Most of the questions in AIEEE are not difficult. They are just different & they require a different approach and a different mindset. Each question has an element of surprise in it & a student who is adept in tackling ‘surprise question’ is most likely to sail through successfully.

• It is very important to understand what you have to attempt and what you have to omit. There is a limit to which you can improve your speed and strike rate beyond which what becomes very important is your selection of the question. So success depends upon how judiciously one is able to select the questions. To optimize your performance you should quickly scan for the easy question and come back to the difficult ones later

• Remember that cutoff in most of the exams moves between 60 – 70%. So if you focus on the easy and average questions ie,. 85% of the questions, you can easily score 70% with out even attempting difficult questions. Try to ensure that in the initial 2 hours of the paper the focus should be clearly on easy and average questions, after 2 hours you can decide whether you want to move to difficult questions or revise the ones attempted to ensure a high strike rate.

Here is the Complete Article : ... tion-tips/

Mon May 31, 2010 3:02 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Here are the Tips to be followed on the AIEEE Exam Day ..

The day before the Exam :

• Be In a relaxed mood. You have done everything what is required for AIEEE and bound to do well

• You are advised to revise important theoretical points which are difficult to remember

• You need not revise the whole syllabus (practically impossible for any student to read the whole syllabus in a single day)

• You must concentrate only on the points which you are likely to forget without a revision just before the exam

• Sleep well (at least 6 – 7 hours).

On the day of the Examination at home :

• Don’t eat spicy or oily food. Consume much liquid in the form of water, fruit juices and tender coconut water. Don’t eat too much. At the same time don’t starve

• Start well in the time so as to reach the exam hall at least one and half hour before time don’t take this aspect lightly. Traffic jams are very common in cities like Hyderabad.

• Students who reach the exam hall in the last minute will enter the exam hall in tense mood and cannot perform well

At the Exam Center :

• Don’t worry by seeing other students reading huge, voluminous, guides or study materials which you had not studied. Don’t think that you had not read those books

• Before entering the exam hall, ensure that you have not brought any papers other than your hall ticket in your pockets or purse or Pouch or box

• Don’t carry mobile phones to the examination hall

In the Examination hall:

• Enter the exam hall at the early moment

• Don’t panic if the question paper is difficult. It will be equally difficult for others also. Those who maintain calm and composed attitude can score relatively better than others and will secure a better ranks.

• Don’t get carried away if you find the paper too easy. It will be equally easy for others. A single mistake can affect your rank by several hundreds when the paper is easy

• Few minor changes in the Assertion Reason questions may be initiated (Ex-A&R both are wrong). Therefore you are advised to read all the four options of the Assertion Reason questions

• Mark very difficult and time consuming questions in each subject (encircle the Q.No of the Question in the question paper). You may answer them at the end.

• Rough work should be done on the questions properly in the space provided so that you may be able to cross check if necessary

• Some people have the habit of marking all the answers first in the question paper and carry them on the OMR sheet at the end. Some times such people fail to mark the answers on the OMR sheet due to the shortage of time at the end. Therefore, such people are advised to mark the answers on the OMR sheet after they complete the respective subject. In the last subject, the answers may be marked on the OMR one after the another

• While answering the questions which involve correct/incorrect, ascending/descending, true/false, etc,. underline the key word so as to avoid mistakes

Here is the Article : ... -exam-day/

Mon May 31, 2010 3:03 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: AIEEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends...

Here are the Tips on How to score Good marks in AIEEE Physics.

• It is very essential on the part of the student to know what he has really “learnt” otherwise there is a danger of getting penalty in the form of the negative marks. Therefore, in AIEEE the thumb “rule” is not sure for the correct answers

• Try to pickup randomly on question paper from the previous well attempted question papers and try to solve it one day before final exam. This will certainly keep your morale “high” and you can walk in to the examination hall confidently

• Don’t ponder the question, which one to start physics, chemistry or maths ? the word competition must be understood and interpreted in the right manner. It means enabling to give the best of his/her ability. Moreover in any competitive examination, student must immediately leave the question for which he does not have the answer. Generally there will be mix up of hard and easy questions, thereby you would get ample time to see all the questions in the question papers.

• Don’t get panic over the questions with graphical representation in IIT JEE, AIEEE, ISAT type of examinations; good number of questions based on graphical data being given. Students particularly from Andhra given. Students have the habit of shaky seeing the graphical representations. Mostly they touch upon simple concepts. Therefore, it is worth spending little time over such questions

• Give top priority to the most important topics like Modern Physics, Electrostatistcis, Magnetic effects of current and earths magnetism, Oscillations, Current electricity. And important topics like Gravitation & Rotational Mechanics, EMI, AC & EM waves, Optics, Kinematics.

Here is the Article: ... e-physics/

Mon May 31, 2010 3:04 pm
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