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Author:  neversaydie [ Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:51 pm ]
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A must read for some on preparing for IIT JEE

got it from ... 956-1.html

Students find JEE sums very difficult at the start because of the lack of clarity in the underlying concepts. And, believe me, to master concepts for IIT-JEE, is not easy. A sincere effort coupled with
motivation and enduring dedication will guarantee you a seat in the IIT?s.

When should one start preparing?
Ideally, one should begin as soon as the 11th standard begins. For ICSE/CBSE students, few chapters in the IIT syllabus have already been covered at the school level.

Worst Case Scenario ? One may consider beginning fresh 6-8 months into 11th standard. You must be prepared to put in incessant, hard work for the next one and a half years. The earlier you begin, the more stress-free and comfortable you feel at the later stages.

How do I choose the correct coaching institute?
This is the career determining decision, and it is critical to choose the correct institute. Improper teaching confuses students and creates doubts.

Before joining an institute consider:
1. How old is the institute?
2. How many students have cleared the IIT-JEE in the recent past?
Ideally 40-50 is good. Also observe how may top rankers have they produced
3. How experienced is their faculty?
Senior professors communicate capably and explain nicely. However, they may be commercial. Young professors are dedicated but lack in-depth knowledge of concepts and student familiarity. A healthy student-teacher rapport is imperative.
4. What is the quality (difficulty level etc.) of their study material and problem files?
Uninterested institutes usually replicate sums from popular-market texts without any effort on their part. Hence, no variety in sums; also, the material is useless if you have the book yourself.
5. What is the frequency of their tests?
Preferably, one screening and mains each in a month is good. The habit of giving tests must be inculcated and cultivated ad infinitum which prepares the student from unnecessary tensions and anxieties on the big day!
6. When do they intend completing the syllabus?
Usually, 5-7 months before IIT-JEE Screening is just right. Lots of time must be kept for revision, mock tests and difficulty solving sessions. Late completion, usually make students uncomfortable especially with 12th boards fast approaching.
7. Fees I suppose should not be a problem. Don?t hesitate to invest a little extra for a good coaching institute because that?s what counts in the long run.
8. Beware of deceptive gimmicks. Corroborate by contacting present students in that institute.

Which books should I use?
There are infinite books available in the market. No book has all the concepts required for IIT-JEE in one package.
Physics: -
1. Fundamentals Of Physics ? Resnick, Halliday, Walker
Excellent book for preliminary understanding and concept application. Entirely narrative and interactive, this book is well liked among all aspirants.
2. Concepts Of Physics ? HC Verma
Concise, lucid and well-structured book. Good to begin problem solving, although it is of quite elementary level.
3. Problems In Physics ? IE Irodov
Tough problems is its forte. One must complete elementary Calculus to attempt problems from this book effectively. Students usually get the hang of this book in the 12th.
Chemistry: -
1. IIT Chemistry ? OP Aggarwal
Comprehensive, eloquent and its problems make this book a must for every candidate.
2. Organic Chemistry ? Morrison & Boyd
Probably, the best book available for IIT-JEE preparation available. Then again, selective reading of this ?Mahabharata? is decisive.
Maths: -
1. IIT Mathematics ? ML Khanna or Dasgupta
Great collection of problems. Maths is all about practice, and these books don?t disappoint.
2. Trigonometry / Co-Ordinate Geometry ? SL Loney
Concepts handled really well. Step-by-step approach is its strong suit.
3. Problems in Calculus in One Variable ? IA Maron
Not very impressive, but its lucid presentation, and tough problems make this book worth using. Remember, Calculus mastery is what will make you an IITian.

Are Correspondence Courses necessary?
FIITJEE and Brilliant Tutorials study material is not as impressive as a pure concepts textbook. They are good for extra practice. Basically, I consider them to be revision notes and coneept capsules, which are not to be used as the first line of attack for concepts. However, national level test series? are quite useful as they are the ultimate indicators of what your position is in the country.
Science Magazines like P,C,M today, Junior Science Refresher are excellent for new types of problems and considered a must for reference.

How do I prepare?
Don?t read books like novels or newspapers. A pencil in hand underlining keywords and new formulae is a must. The same chapter must be read over and over again (even 10 times) until the concepts are embedded into your brain. Casual reading amounts to not reading it at all, because you will forget practically everything in a week?s time.

It is very important to make things count at the groundwork and fundamentals, because a year later, it?s a fight for time. Attempt simple problems first. A good start is the school/college textbook. Once, mastery is captured on the basics, and then you should consider solving higher-level problems.
Never look at solved solutions until your completely unsure on how to go about the problem. Even a slight hunch on the approach may be enough to solve the problem, and you must be patient and constantly keep pondering till the flash strikes you.

Revision, say once every fortnight, is of fundamental importance. A brief reminder can bring back volumes of information that was rotting at the back of your head for a week or so.

Keep in touch with your lecturer constantly. Get your doubts cleared as and when you have them. Hanging on to misunderstandings may prove disastrous if the same concept is used in another chapter.
Only when you are completely familiar with a topic and have attempted all the available problems, must you consider taking a test. Tests are an important gauge. Bad marks in tests reflect imperfections or incomplete preparation. Remember, bad marks mean you have not prepared and do not reflect on your aptitude to solve problems. Even scholars and prodigies will not clear IIT-JEE if they don?t put in raw hard work. Genius is the ability to take pains.

How do I handle temperament?(Miscellaneous)
Nervousness is the single most influential aspect that can create a world of problems. Whenever you feel nervous, remember that all your competitors are feeling it too and that it?s perfectly normal.
Low scores in exams must be perceived positively. You now realize that I must start again more intelligently and stress on the concepts better. In the early part of your preparation, even getting 2-3 out of 10 problems correct is a good start. Never consider yourself mediocre because someone else in your class, or your friend is getting better marks and understanding better. It may be that he/she is doing something that you are not.

Time Management will allow you to study the requisite amount, sleep (7-8 hours is a must), commit to college and classes, as well as give you the odd occasion to go for movies and relax. Studying is first priority. Movies and dating will not get you into IIT. Avoid phone calls. Talking also consumes a lot of usable energy. Control TV time to maximum an hour a day. Relax by walking, listening to music or anything that does not stress your eyes or your brain. Physical exercise is fine.

Other factors like family support; everlasting resolve, teachers? guidance and emphasis on concepts also play a key role ultimately for your selection.

Author:  neversaydie [ Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:53 pm ]
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An article written by an IITian in 2005 ... 482-1.html

Although it has been more than five years since I went thru the horrors of JEE, the entire phase of preparing and appearing in the dreaded exam is something I have not been able to shrug off from memory.
Well, JEE probably is one of the ’’Great Indian Middle Class’’ Aspiration Barriers and for people aware of the other side of the pasture,like yours truly, A Big Myth too.

But both ways, it’s an experience worth going thru.

For beginers, I will not elaborate on the fundamentals of the process, for that go to any IIT website and check it out yourself. On tackling the exam part, there have been few great reviews on this forum, one mentionably from my hostel senior@IIT M , Vyom.

What I am going to say is somewhat different:

1. The Exam: There have been a gradual change in the focus of the profs regarding the kind of intake they want. Hence, nowadays you have two papers (the high scoring objective one made ’’Screening Paper ’’, this again after reports that many times people scored much more in Objective than Subjective part in the combined paper that we used to have and hence the kind of application that the profs demanded was seen lacking). Even now, the Screening Paper has undergone a lot of change. I for one, saw my brothers paper and saw there were hardly any ’’ direct calculation’’ type questions and most questions must have forced people to scratch their heads.

The subjective ’’Mains’’ Exam too has been completely revamped. No more ’’Fruit’’ questions (the sitters in IIT lingo) which essentially eliminated non serious guys. Time management and speed ,big time key with around 20 Qs in 2 Hrs.

The Papers: Physics: I had gone thru my bro’s Mains paper (JEE 2003) and noticed a big time shift. There were Qs (and many in no) from topics junta hardly focussed. Lot of modern physics, Optics (esp Wave), EM theory; far away from conventional myth of Mechanics + Electricity = 60 % theory that most coaching classes employ. So one thing very clear, Yes, JEE Physics nowadays tests more of Width and Span of Preparation than the Depth of Application , gone are the days of 10 Qs in 3 Hrs when you slog to do 4-5 correctly and feel you?re safe. Now you need not do all of Irodov , however covering of width very important. The formula is Have Speed, Cover Everything and Do as much as Possible.

Chemistry : The dew and honey for many a top rankers, this subject is supposedly the easiest of lot and very scoring too. Even in new pattern, it still is, most crucial among them being those innumerable Reactions of Organic and Non-organic , mechanisms and simple reactions included. These cover about 40% weightage and cracking them is never very difficult. For gen preparation O P Agarwal and physical chemistry, R C Mukherjee is definitely helpful.

Mathematics: Presently the most difficult subject of the three. The reason is that profs have noticed people clearing JEE, and then in IIT doing horribly in Maths in first year and later in department courses. There has been a gradual recognition that this subject is what differentiates an IIT?ian from any other Engineering Graduate and hence over the years Maths has grown in difficulty level and Physics has become easier. Again, I feel most crucial are Calculus and Co-ordinate Geometry, most difficult as well as scoring and still covers more than 60% of the paper.

All said and done, the basic rules still apply:
1. Move over to the next question within 2 mins if you haven?t formulated more than one equation in the problem.
2. The paper will still consist 20% Easy, 60% Medium Difficult and 20% Very Difficult problems. Make sure you identify and do the 20% easy part in initial half an hour.
3. Read the problem atleast twice before attempting it, there will mostly be one or two catch words which will entirely differentiate the problem from the example you solved the day before.
4. Very Very important, have a good nights sleep the day before exam.

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The words of a Xth standard guy, planning IITJEE preperation early.... ... 233-1.html

Hello friends,

I am in X standard and am preparing for IIT. I will share my experiences at Achievers Academy, in Bombay, (Chembur, dadar, nerul) which I have joined from IXth itself. The class
is run by an IITian, who has over 20 years of teaching experience.

Before joining the class, all students were told the methodology which the academy will use to prepare them for the IIT-JEE. They also shared some tips which are given below :

* At the start of IX, we have about 48 months left, which is just about 15000 hours using abt 10 hours a day. This time has to be optimized very well to extract the best results.

* Those who start after X have a tough time, since they have to adjust for college in XI , and then study for XII etc

* Hence, start early, target practice of atleast 1.5 hours every day in IX and X.

* Solve as many different variety of problems, both objective and written type. Question banks with more than 30000 problems will be provided by the class.

* Take frequent tests and ensure that whatever are the weak areas are covered quickly and in depth. Interact with other students and solve each others problems, that will help in better understanding.

* Always solve each problem by clearly writing down what is given, what is required, what are the possible options and finally solving it.

* Systematic and daily practice is a must, sporadic problem solving will not be rewarded.

In the class, each topic was covered in depth, examples from real life were included, connections between maths, physics and chemistry were explained, 1000s of problems are given for practice. I solved all of them. Till 8th, i was mediocre in maths and science, now i help my teacher in solving Group D problems as well.

From XI, we will be spending 3-4 hours a day, everyday for furthur practice.

Since our problem solving and analytical abilities have developed considerably, we find the going for X very easy. We have students from SSC, CBSE and ICSE boards and healthy competition between us have improved our ablities furthur. We are even able to solve problems from XI papers easily.

All in all, it has been a wonderful experience and very good for my board exams as well. Anybody who wants to know furthur can write to me here.


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Attacking each aspect of JEE

got it from ... 519-1.html

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Joint Entrance Examination
How to prepare for it..........
The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) which is annually organised by the seven Indian Institutes of Technology
(IITs)(Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Roorkee) is considered as one of the most fiercest competitive examination in India, and the toughest one at the school level, with a success rate of about 2% ( only 3500 candidates out of 1.5 Lakhs get through). This essay, however tries to make this competitive exam look far easier than the way you think it is.

The Statistics.................
Although JEE is written by about 1.5 Lakh of candidates, it can be easily comprehended that the majority of them ( about 60%) are not having a preparation that can make it to the IITs. Most of them dream of getting into IITs as soon as they complete there class X board examinations, buy a hell lot of study materials ( thereby making the various coaching centres all over the country rich and increasing the GDP), and instead of studying, continue to dream for the next 2 years and in the end wait for a miracle to happen and finally fail to qualify even the screening test ( it is expected that those who are reading this report are well acquainted with the JEE format, if not check any IIT site for it).

Out of the remaining 60000 candidates, 40 thousand guys ( and ofcourse girls) who write the JEE, try hard for the exam but in the end cannot reach the desired level of JEE understanding because of they lack one of the following two, viz merit or hardwork.

The final 20000 candidates are actually the real competitors for JEE. This people work hard through out the two years and write the JEE with full confidence.

Clearing the Screening Test...............
Hence it can be well understood that the JEE Screening Test has a success percentage of 75% ( 15000 out of 20000) and your first target is to be among this top 75%. However, keep in mind that screening test is only the first hurdle. For JEE Screening Test keep the following in mind :
It is common among all the students to practice an enormous quantity of multiple choice questions (mcqs) throughout the year. This is however a wrong way to do it. This is because, the mcqs that are present in most of the study materials and magazines do not reflect the exact nature of mcqs that appear in the Screening Paper.

Hence this mcq helps a student in no way. Your first job will be to keep away from this practice. JEE Screening test demands clarity of each and every concept. Hence, from the beginning of the year, try to assimilate the theory of each and every chapter given in the JEE syllabus ( JEE syllabus is available at or or at JEE sites at other IITs). One month before the screening test, get hold of each and every formula you know, so that if you are not clear with the concept you can still reach the answer with a derived formula. Also get hold of a few good practice screening papers (old JEE papers can be a good choice) and attempt those tests in strict examination conditions* keeping time. This actually helps you simulate the JEE Screening Test and helps you learn the aspects of time management.

During my study for JEE, I came across the test papers of two coaching centres which i felt are ideal for JEE. Since it is not wise to quote their name here, you can mail me.

The final hurdle ? Main Examination................
About one month after the screening test comes the JEE Main Examination, where all the 15000 candidates selected in JEE Screening Tests fight with their maximum power. Hence this is the ultimate challenge. The key to success in JEE Mains is extensive practice of subjective problems. You will have to excel your self at pattern recognition along with developing the concepts. Between the Screening and Mains, practice lots of subjective problems available in the books. Time management is also important. If you have not subscribed for any test series programme (and even if you have done so) you must practice a lot of test papers at home simulating the JEE day. In the end of the report I have provided a list of books which I myself consider important for JEE preparation. You are advised to practice problems from these books. Please donot go in for absurd problems as they are never asked in JEE. Also JEE problems do not require a 3 page long solution, so if you are next to recreating the Mahabharata, you can surely guess that your solution is wrong.

JEE mains nowadays give limited place for working out the solutions ( 1 page for 2 marks and 2 page for 4 marks questions). Hence work on this aspects of space management.

Books required for JEE preparation..........
The most important book required for JEE is your board books, as if you are not conversant with the theory you stand no chance. After practicing the problems from your board books, move on to the next level. For some books the names of the authors are mentioned.

Standard JEE books (contains questions similar to JEE standards ? do all the problems)
Physics : Concepts of Physics (Part 1 and 2)
Chemistry : P. Bahadur(Physical Chemistry) , R.K.Gupta(Organic and Inorganic)
Mathematics : IIT Plus Mathematics ? A.Dasgupta.

Advanced JEE books (questions are a bit higher than JEE standards - do selected problems ? take help of your mentor/teacher)
Physics : Problems in General Physics ? I.E.Irodov.
Chemistry : IIT Chemistry - Tata McGraw Hill.
Mathematics : Complete Course IIT Mathematics - Tata McGraw Hill.

For theory you can go through Resnick-Halliday in Physics, Morrison-Boyd in Organic Chemistry, and O.P.Tandon in Inorganic Chemistry.

The changing trend in JEE.....................
From the year 2002, a changing pattern of JEE can be observed. JEE papers which was once dreaded as the toughest papers set in school level, consisting of incomprehendable questions, is seeming to undergoing some reform as the level of the questions has been simplified. Questions now demand only basic concepts and no problems require extended B.Sc. Level knowledge. JEE can be now cleared by studying school level books. It is extremely encouraging that IITs have finally understood the way JEE has changed the way of school studies and are in a way of reforming it.

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Advice on "which books to follow" - an article written in 2005

got it from ... 593-1.html

I have read almost all the reviews posted here. I am very happy that so many ppl are here, willing to give their valuable advices. Thank you everyone!

I too have some advice for you all. Since
I am student of class XII , the books which I have found very useful are:
Pradeep’s Physics
Resnik & Halliday(for some topics)
HC Verma

RS Aggarwal
ML Khanna
A Das Gupta

Pradeep’s Chemistry ( for physical(theory) and organic)
IIT Chemistry(numericals and Inorganic part)

Many people do comment that Pradeep’s books are childish and not of JEE level, but as per my experience, I have found it very useful. It covers the JEE syllabus thoroughly. I would like to suggest all my fellow JEE 2005 aspirants to stick to some selected books, and not overburden themself with all the famous books available in the market. I have also joined Brilliant’s YG file and BMAT. One of my cousin has cracked IIT JEE 04 (rank about 250) and he has suggested me the above said books.
My main aim to write this review is to find a fellow aspirant for JEE 2005, and receive his views about preparation for JEE.

Thanks a lot for going thru my review. Best of luck everyone!! :)

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Interesting tips from a non-IITian ... 593-1.html

First of all let me tell you that I am not an IITian but am preparing for 2005-JEE. This might not exactly be a success mantra but it’s a first hand account of things I find imperative.

Numero Uno-
First and foremost U need to be motivated. Forced hard-work might work in Xth & XIIth but surely not in IIT-JEE. How to get motivated? Find Ur mantra Urself - I for one read IIT-JEE reviews on Mouthshut every week to get pumped up (sounds silly? isn’t). U may talk to studious friends or teachers or parents, whatever works for U is just fine.

Read the standard recommended books but make sure U don’t get into too many books simultaneously. Be a touch selective here.

Plan Ur studies - easier said than done. Make daily and weekly targets according to Ur plan as to when U want to complete the course material and start doing mock papers. Ideally leave 3-4 months for paper solving.

Miscellaneous points-
+ Be absolutely thorough with concepts. Don’t move forward unless U feel U’ve got it perfectly right. Take help in this regard from teachers.

+ Solve lots (and I mean LOTS) of papers in exam conditions. A lot of aspirants don’t find this important and then face problems like leaving solvable (by them) questions and unfamiliarity with the pattern.

+ Don’t neglect Ur strengths. Work on Ur weaknesses alright but prepare some topics in each subject so well that U can solve almost any question from them.

+ Revision is indispensable, considering the large syllabus. Make sure U revise every topic sufficiently.

Controversial topic this. I personally am not taking coaching apart from Brilliant’s correspondence course ( but that’s more of a compulsion than a choice as there’s no good coaching centre anywhere near I live). I belive If U have access to a good institute, then do go in for coaching but many aspirants succeed without coaching as well. But, It requires meticulous planning and a hell lot of hard work.

Trend of JEE-
JEE is surely changing - Physics is getting a touch easier and maths tougher. This is easy to notice in last few years’ papers. And yes, Mechanics is no longer half the physics paper. Give special attention to important topics like Calculus, Co-Ordinate Geometry, Organic Chem., Modern Physics etc.


Forget TV, Cricket, Hanging out etc. until the paper. Trust me, It’s worth it. Have faith in U’rself. Negative thoughts will cross Ur mind but don’t heed to them. And yes-

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A highly motivating article ... 753-1.html

IITJEE is the easiest competitive examination
Certainly not... Dear Aspirants. Your Problem Ends Now.
Learn a stepwise, systematic approach rather than running
after coachings and tuitions. These things may help you but often you tend to over-rely upon them. That is wrong. I never took any coaching, any tuition and was awarded an AIR of 712 in JEE 2002. Anyway you should take coaching help but don’t get over-dependent.

1st STAGE(Just after 10th Board)
(For at least surity of JEE clearance i.e. For AIR 1000-3000)
The chief problem with Indian children is that they run without planning to prepare a base. Jumping directly in the FIITJEE and APEX never pays. You won’t be able to make any head or tail. Secondly ,you will start taking JEE as something awesome.

PHYSICS: H.C.Verma I & II (solutions are available.Purchase but do not over-rely upon them. Better have a deep discussion with your friends and teachers rather than getting dependent over solutions at this very elementary stage.Repeat it.At least twice or thrice.Just once would not work.)


MATHEMATICS --- (1) K.C.Sinha Algebra( & Calculus & Probability)
(2)S.L.Loney Trigonometry & Co-ordinates
(At least thrice ----if possible 4 time .Power of repetition is unlimited )
Must solve----- (1)S.L.Loney trigo?s 206 miscelleneous sums And
(2)Questions behind the KCSINHA algebra

2nd STAGE ( For AIR 500-1000)

Now that you have prepared a good base , it’s time to raise the problem solving capacity. Trust my words : If you have dedicatedly prepared the 1st stage, nothing under the sun can prevent you from getting a seat in IITs. Unfortunately many many aspirants don’t understand this simple technique and rush after coachings and tuitions. Let me tell you neither IITJEE is tough competition nor IITians are God. They are as common as anyone else. So I would advise you before taking panic and jumping in the second stage, with full concentration complete the first stage . Only then come in the second stage.

CHEMISTRY-------ARIHYANT ( Physical+Inorganic+Organic)
No need to read any more theories. Just one glance upon them and START SOLVING PROBLEMS in examples and exercise. You have already prepared a strong base in 1st stage. Now the PROBLEM SOLVING SKILL has to be magnified and intensified. You have to add many more dimensions in this skill. You are now above the fear of selection and non-selection. You are already an IITian. So fearlessly go on solving the problems only. I am emphasizing on problem solving.

MATH------------ Time for T.M.H
( After having solved KCSinha+loney you won?t find it as tough as it is in reality)

3rd STAGE (For Top 100)

Congratulations !!!! For successfully completing first and second stages. You are already entitled in some unknown cosmos to get an under 1000 seat. But you certainly deserve more.
(1) THREE FITJEE GMPs (Grand Master Package)

(Physics for you series, chemistry today, mathmatics today are not so good and I repent now HEAVILY for wasting my precious time upon such stuffs. No disrespect intended for professors there.) Did you notice I put BIG-BIG APEX FITJEE etc in the third stage while many coachings and tuitions start putting undue stress upon it in the too early stage. Arey Bhai,let them first grow enough to assimilate it.

Study all 3 subjects regularly without laying undue stress on one and leaving other two uncared. Do not do this. It is dangerous.

Better spend Monday for Physics, Tuesday for Chemistry, Wednesday for Maths and repeat the cycle for Thurs, Fri and Saturday. On Sunday, you MUST revise whatever you studied in last 6 days. REVISION IS A MUST.

One thing I feel I should add in this review. I studied 14 hours a day for mains. So my dear child, be prepared for some really arduous task. IITJEE is not that easy either. Do not take it easily. And do not panic either.

**You may take a printout of it. I would request you to take a printout of both of my reviews: IITJEE is too easy. And Why Medical!!! And distribute their XEROXES to your friends also. Believe me, I have personally at my own expenses distributed them to 70 juniors of 11th 12th till now who in turn distribute to their friends. Never be Selfish. God will take extra care of you as He has always done to me. Selflessness is a virtue. Who knows, by your little carefulness someone’s life may change. Do good whenever you can. I will rather say: Do good even when you aren’t in position of doing good.

Copy it in a word-document in the computer, save it and take the printout. Ask the Internet Caife Operator for the help. The Rs. 10 invested will make a huge return. It is too difficult to come to net each time you need it. Better DO IT NOW.

Procrastination is NOT an IITian Virtue. Be Quick and Swift in Your Actions.

Author:  neversaydie [ Sat Jun 13, 2009 7:03 pm ]
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Another nice article, but with some debatable points: ... 803-1.html

You must have seen the latest papers of jee .Its getting on the simpler side.Let us assume that only 15000 students are effectively in the fight for these precious 3000 seats.
So, when the papers
are getting simpler, still why do 12,000 people fail every year. Also those 12,000 could had solved most of the questions at home but the fact remains that they couldn’t helped themselves on the D-day. Here, I will try to enlighten some of the points which may help you not to be in that pity 12,000 lot . Good luck.

The foremost important thing that you have to do is to visualize how it feels after you are across the jee hurdle. Think , how your family will react hearing that their son has been qualified in the world’s most difficult entrance. Imagine, you will be the icon for most of the students in your relatives and neighbours. Everybody will praise you. Your success depends on this very exam, so you ought to work your as* for this.
But there is other side of the coin.Some students may feel pressurized and burdened by thinking all these crap. So, for those I would just say that IIT is nothing but a mere building of stones , in which some damn profs are eager to harass the students. Tell me how many successful IITians do you know? Or how many successful people are iitians.A little rumination isn’t going to help you. IIT is not a heaven , not at all.
This is a kind of phase that occurs in everybody life and you are no exception.
But,you have to give jee because you really don’t have any other option.Your parents, teachers,neighbours, the entire society and maybe somewhere down the line you yourself wants to be in IIT , but who the hell cares if I couldn’t make it. There’s nothing to lose. The juice is worth the squeeze, so it’s better to choose the easier road ie to prepare without thinking too much what IIT and its success is all about. And if I am giving it a try then why not whole heartedly?

Many students are often confused of setting up their priorities.
One simple exercise to set up your own priorities is to ask just a simple question ’’ Is it going me to land in IIT”’’ or “Which of these two things will help me getting closer to IIT?” You will wonder that how such a simple question works and you will yourself do the important topics first than anything else.

Now let me tackle the parents issue. These are the species who can stimulate you or even have worse effects on you. So, I would advice not to take your parent’s comments seriously ( please don’t take me wrong).I mean our parents love us and they want our success. But sometimes they say some things which really disturbs us(BETA PAD LE, NAHIN TO IIT NAHI HOGI or your mom to your neighbour IIT ME JANA TO BAHUT HI MUSHKIL HAI, 2 LAAKH ME SE 2-3 HAZAAR LOG HI JAATE HAIN, neighbour-PHIR TO IIT ME JAANA PAHAD CHADNE KE SAMAN HAI)
What I am trying to say is that, actually your parents are proud of the fact that you are preparing for the jee , but they worry about your failure. They unintentionally create a doubt in your mind and it acts as a poison. And some other parents praise their child in front of everybody.You might develop a sort of complacent feeling about yourself by hearing all these things. So, it’s better to hear and let it pass from the other side, atleast about studies for these two years. I hope you understand me.

I know that many people will think that I am trying to delude this point upon them. But I can’t help myself saying this. Well, I think that you should better stay quite. You shouldn’t discuss (questions and related things) too much with your friends.(Yaar yahan koi ek dusre ki baat sunne ko tyaar nahi hai).Tell me honestly,that when you explain something to your friend (or your friend to u), you both are trying to show that you knows the best.(your friend to u--- tujhe itni chhoti si cheese bhi nahi pata).
The real effect of doing so is that both of you are harming each other.This creates insecurity and dissatisfaction in you.You may begin to think that your friend knows better than you and you have to mend your ways(or revise the topic again).Indeed, I believe that you should talk something else (atleast not studies)with your friends(may be about fashion,,your hair cut, or girlfriends).Remember that you are going to gain nothing from discussions.(YOU KNOWS THE BEST).If you have a problem, try to figure it out yourself by trying it again and again or maybe ask the teacher or do the best thing….just leave it.
So, indeed solitude is a better thing to bet upon.

I would also like to state that there is nothing really big to worry about even if you have not done the syllabus well.Actually iitjee is half studies and remaining half “Temperament test”.So feel confident even if you haven’t done 20-30% syllabus(or say inorganic chemistry).But that doesnt mean that you have to try for 70%(I am now more concerned about the last time preparations ,say only 1 week is remaining).Actually You have to give your best on the actual day and that’s possible only if you are cool and are not nervous.

To choose questions in paper have a look at 3-4 Qs and ask yourself “which one is best to ensure your selection” A voice will come from inside and you will select the right question. Finally focus on one question at a time and don’t ever get discouraged if you are not able to do a question which you have solved previously at home.It happens in these kind of exams but the best part is, it happens with everybody.
In the initial period of 40 min(in 2 hrs of paper) if you survived(survival means that you selected right ones for yourself) then in the last half an hour or so you will feel immense energy and you can even solve a few difficult questions
Take one example:-you may have given any mock test.Now think seriously, how many marks you could have scored, if you would have done only the easy questions from the topics you know and wouldn’t have wasted your valuable time and energy on the so called vague Qs.
There are some Qs which nobody can solve in exam(I mean in EXAM) You can yourself see by looking the previous year’s papers.(especially chemistry).If you are not able to solve such few ques, then please don’t think that you are not prepared with the topic,actually you are having no problem but the problem is with the question itself. So, be careful and have confidence in yourself.
CONCLUSION---- Nobody in this world knows that what is right or wrong for you, no one can make a success plan for you, I mean JUST NOBODY IS GOING TO HELP YOU, instead of one person that is right now sitting in front of this computer finding out ways to succeed in iitjee, right it’s YOU my friend.


Now think who can do better---
a friend of you who have done 90% syllabus but worry about remaining 10% (yaar mene matrices achhi tarah nahin kiya,pata nahin ac circuit kya Q kaise hoga, inorganic yaad nahin ki)and on the exam day trying to do all of the paper(i mean attempting) do a lot of silly mistakes(beware ….. there are no silly mistakes, they are just blunders)
You , who haven’t done any great things but take exam as a platform where you can show, who you are and do the questions from the topics you have done but CORRECTLY.

Think over this


Author:  neversaydie [ Sat Jun 13, 2009 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips

from some one who has missed to make it to the top 1000 ... 795-1.html

I have passed JEE 2005, although with a pathetic rank-below 4000. I will share my thoughts about preparing for this. First thing
is, stick to the basics. Know your definitions well. Most of us skip the basics, because we think they are too easy and will never come in JEE.
This is a mistake. The thing to do is, remember the ’derivation’ of every formula in physics, maths and physical chemistry. All these formulae are based on assumptions. IIT will twist these assumptions and ask the problem. So, u will have to derive the new formula, using the same algorithm.
Even in organic chemistry, be thorough with hydrocarbons and general organic chemistry. Most people mug some advanced hi-fi reagents and mechanisms, which dont come. For last few years there are always questions on ’conformers’ of alkanes, sn1 sn2 e1 e2 mechanisms and hydrocarbons.
For screening, practise mcq questions and be a little street smart. I mean you donot have to properly ’solve’ a problem. Most of the times, by looking at the options you can eliminate 2 options. Then you have a 50% chance of solving a problem. Also, attempt many questions. Dont be overcautious in screening because of negative marking. Remember its +3 and -1. You cant say that I will attempt 40 questions of which I am sure of and score 120. That is rare. Even if u think ur right, in IIT you are mostly wrong. 6 mistakes like this and u go below 100, i.e. below the confort zone of passing screening.
In mains just write everything you know. You dont need to get perfectly every answer, if ur approach is right, u get marks and if you are good enough at analyzing, you are through.
About books and coaching classes, others have talked enough. But, definitely go for some correspndence test. FIITJEE has more no. of students competing, but papers are unnecessarily supertough. Brilliant papers are closer to actual JEE papers. Any class, u join u have to be among the top there. All the best.

Author:  neversaydie [ Sat Jun 13, 2009 7:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips

An article from someone who has been doing sincere preperation for the past 1 and half years - written in 2006 ... 947-1.html

Hi guys,

Here goes one more article for SUCCESSFULL PREPARATION FOR IIT JEE 2006. If you are sure the way you are preparing is quite OK for you. DONT READ BEYOND THIS.

But if
you think you need guidence just read this and ponder over it for a while and then set into action right away!

Let me 1st tell you something abt myself. I am preparing for IIT JEE 2006 for the pst one and a half year. And during this period i’ve oserved that the only thing required for a meaningful preparation is to have a BURNING DESIRE to excell. This is fortunately the only requirement or eligiblity, what ever you call it. And belive me this is not easy. In todays world there are so many other IMPORTANT things, like Surfing, Dating, Music, Movies, Food.... Hai na? Keep your Eyes SHUT for them. Wear blinkers to the outside world if required. Guests who are well wisher of yours, would never expect you to come and socialise with them when ever they visit your place. I Hate GUESTS. We are taught, ’ATITHI DEVO BHAWAH’ But I would rather feel the world better without them.

Good Planning is a great virtue. From This Date, only 8 months are left. Leave 2months for revision and Self assesment TESTS. So you have at the most 6 months for preparation. If you havent started yet, This is high time 4 you to do so. Don’t worry. Belive in yourself. Daily study for 12 hrs ( Sincerly ) and you get through it. Concentrate only on the Basics. Though I strongly belive to study from books according to my power of perception and understanding, at least from my average level of brain, I can suggest you the following books if you share the same understandning power.

Maths : Asit Das gupta prasad for IIT, ML Khanna

Physics : H.C verma ( Vol I and II ) is enough. If not you can add 3000 solved problems in physics ( Mcgraw Hill Publication )

Chemistry : G.D. Mishra, P Bhadur or R.C. mukharjee.

The Only Thing I say abt. books is decide once and stick to it unless you are thru it throughly. Never flicker amoung books you’ll ruin you time that way.

Don’t pray to god to get you thru the gateway of IIT, pray only to help you to keep the desire to excell burning withn you , pray not to let your mind deviate from the path you’ve once decided. Rest your hard work will make you achieve your cherished ambition and you be prevaileged to be called with those wonderfull words i.e. IITian.

I wanted to write more but since the time does’t permitts. So off i go. One thing i’wd like to add is Internet the BEST source to kill time so go wath out the time you spend over it.

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